Northdale, Nethergarde and the Future of Classic WoW

It’s been quite a while since we made our last post. Things are always changing, so when Lightbringer came to decline with the release of the Kronos 3 realm by Twinstar, Light’s Hope announced Northdale, which serves as the prime Vanilla WoW Private server for almost a year now.

Gold4Vanilla.comOn the other hand, Elysium’s Nighthaven reached it’s peak, so before their release of a Burning Crusade Server, they launched Nethergarde, which is to serve as a pre-sequel to their upcoming TBC server in Q2 of 2019.

So the 4 major Vanilla Classic WoW private servers as of now are: Northdale (Light’s Hope), Nethergarde (Elysium Project), Kronos 3 (Twinstar) and Vanilla Gaming.

How the situation will develop – we do not know for certain as Classic WoW is coming in about 4 or 5 months from now – as recently announced by Blizzard. Due to the upcoming Classic launch, Northdale said that there is a high possibility of them closing down the servers – but all will not end here, as they will provide tokens with account/character data to players who wish to migrate to a private server which will accept them once Blizzard releases their version of Vanilla.

2019 is a year of Burning Crusade Private WoW Servers

It seems the main reason the Elysium Project postponed their release of Elysium TBC is due to the two recently released TBC realms: Nightbane by Sunwell, and Netherwing by Atlantiss. Once the population on this realms declines, we can be sure that we will have a fresh new Burning Crusade realm to play on. In addition to that, the Elysium TBC realm will accept player migration from their Classic realms: Nighthaven and Nethergarde.

Accounts for Northdale and Netherwing (TBC) are still hot!

From our experience and connections, the player-base is still going crazy for accounts on the above-mentioned realms. For people looking to buy Northdale account, they can do so from We also identified another website that is great for Netherwing accounts – it is called – we already tested their websites by purchasing lower-level accounts and the experience was great and smooth with both of them.