Huge Tattoo Parlor Discounts in Louisiana

Winter is the perfect time to get a tattoo. Why, you may ask. The answer is pretty simple – Post Tattoo Therapy. The therapy is very difficult in hotter, summer times because you often have to put creams and nylons over your inked zone.

We have been in contact with Lousiana TC, and some of the artists listed on their website are offering nice discounts. So if you’ve been longing to get an additional ink on your skin, grab this special chance.

You will find them listed on the following pages:

Ruston Tattoo | Slidell Ink | New Iberia Tattoo Studio | Houma Tattoos | Tattoo Parlor Kenner | Monroe Ink Art | BossTats| Lafa El Yette Shop |Lake Charles Tattoo

If you want to contact the owners, you can do so at this Google+ TattooConnection page. You can thank us later.