The Elder Scrolls, Runescape & WoW Tattoos

Game tattoos are not something new. In fact, they have existed even before modern day MMORPG’s and role playing games. People have been inked with popular game characters for decades now. With so many types of games available, ranging from sports, adventures, strategies and so on, there is a plethora of inspiration to choose a tattoo design from.

I was inspired to create this article from some tattoo websites i have recently visited, so i will be covering three games: World of Warcraft, Runescape and The Elder Scrolls (not the Online version, ha!).

World of Warcraft Tattoos

From such a rich lore, one can only wonder what tattoo design to choose if picking characters from WoW. Frequently, you will see Arthas, Illidan, Onyxiaand other dragons inked on someone’s body. Paladins, Shamans, Warriors, Rogues, Priests, Hunters, Druids are no exception neither.

Watch this video (it’s 4 years old!), to see over 50 wow tattoos. Many of them were created by tattoo artists from TattooConnection.

The Elder Scrolls & Ink

Second to WoW, by lore, comes The Elder Scrolls. The popular single player RPG game made a boom with the 2011 version. Skyrim, the fifth installment of the series featured the Dragonborn, a man with a dragon soul – a very popular tattoo concept. The photo displayed below, is the logo of Skyrim, created by a Laredo tattoo artist.

skyrim logo tattoo

Runescape Body Art

always healingRunescape falls behind both WoW & TES, as well as many other games. But it is still an interesting old game and has a potential for darker type of tattoos. Healers have a very important critical role in the game, and here is an example of a ‘Always Healing’ tattoo inked on the hand of a RS fan.