Archangel 2.4.3 TBC Realm on Feenix WoW One Servers

Discount for Archangel Gold, a TBC WoW Realm by Feenix

Once a discount was settled with Gold4Warsong we managed to make the guys provide a discount for Archangel Feenix WoW One realm too!

goldAs a note – the same guys are behind both sites and their service is unquestionable. Their second site that sells gold for the The Burning Crusade 2.4.3 realm of the Feenix servers was launched in Autumn 2014, after they saw huge success with Warsong. As they state, this site is more successful than their first one, so if you are in need for Archangel gold, give them a go.

A short note about TBC

The Burning Crusade was the first World of Warcraft expansion released in 2007. It featured Outland, and Illidan as the final raiding boss of the Black Temple.

So… What are you waiting? If you need to level up your professions, characters, get mounted up (the fast flying mount costs 5000 golden coins!), need supply for GDKP raiding, pay Gold for Archangel a visit.