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V7Gaming emerges, huge discounts for their WoW Gold & Powerlevel Services

Can you believe that the older versions of World of Warcraft, the Classic Vanilla 1.12 and The Burning Crusade 2.4.3 are still played en masse? Literary, tens of thousands of people cling to private servers in order to relieve their old memories of the game.

Feenix, which hosts the Vanilla Classic Servers: Emerald Dream (about 5 years old, x1 rates) and Warsong (about 4 years old, x14 rates) and Archangel (about 3 years old, x12 rates) has across 3000 people online at a given time (this includes the instant 60 Al’akir realm).

Kronos WoW has about 1k population at peak times, which is still pretty solid number considering that it was launched only one month after the populous Nostalrius, which seems it grabbed most of the player base. However, Kronos remains the most advanced vanilla Realm, technically speaking.

When speaking about Nosta, it really surpassed everyone’s expectations – you can see over 9000 people online at peak times. Coming from it’s player base, i can really admit that it feels even better than ‘Blizzlike‘ – being a Vanilla lover, i certainly recall that there wasn’t such population on the Blizzard WoW server i played exactly 10 years ago – The Maelstrom EU.

The main concern for many casual players of today’s WoW Vanilla & TBC Private servers is both gold, and leveling. The reason is pretty obvious – time. The bulk of the playerbase is aged 24+ and they are usually busy with their lives, so spending time on farming gold or obtaining the desired level can be troublesome and boring. V7Gaming recognized the need for such services, and they launched series of websites providing gold & powerleveling for the realms mentioned in this article.

Why use V7Gaming for your WoW needs?

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