The Official Classic WoW to be launched on 27th August 2019

It’s almost mid-summer and everyone is eagerly waiting for the official, retail, Blizzard’s Classic World of Warcraft to be launched. The private server population looks “dried up”. There is barely 3k online on Light’s Hope’s 3 realms: Lightbringer, Northdale and the recently released Silver Hand. On the other hand, Elysium seems to thrive somehow and the population there is not dropping.

German and French Realms for the Retail Vanilla WoW

Blizzard recently announced that, at least on the launch and the initial first months, there will be Australian (Oceanic) realms as well as German and French language servers in Europe. We are still not sure how will they be split among the planned Classic realm types: PvP, PvE, RP and RP-PvP, or how will they fit into the already planned European – EU and North American (NA WoW Gold).

What Is The Estimated Classic WoW Population?

We are really curious to see how many players will Classic World of Warcraft have. Ofcourse, there will be a “zerg” on the launch with millions of players, but given how “easy” is WoW nowadays, we don’t expect many of theese players to follow through the tough content of the Classic version. We estimate that at least 1 million players will continue playing one month after the launch.

Powerleveling deals for Classic WoW

Classic WoW Powerleveling Services on Gold4Vanilla
Classic WoW Powerleveling Services on Gold4Vanilla

And, there are those of us who just don’t have the time and luxury to ding level 60 ourselves. There are those of us as well who simply do not want to go through the boring, long and tiresome level 1-59 content and just want to jump in the high-end dungeons and raiding bandwagon.

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If you are hesitant to go with powerleveling, maybe just use the Gold4Vanilla Classic WoW Account Shop and get a ready made level 60 account right away. In 2 weeks, during september they will have the following races and classes for sale:

Horde Accounts Available for Classic WoW on Gold4Vanilla

  • Orc Warrior
  • Orc Hunter
  • Orc Warlock
  • Orc Rogue
  • Orc Shaman
  • Tauren Warrior
  • Tauren Shaman
  • Tauren Hunter
  • Tauren Druid
  • Troll Warrior
  • Troll Rogue
  • Troll Hunter
  • Troll Mage
  • Troll Priest
  • Troll Shaman
  • Undead Warrior
  • Undead Priest
  • Undead Rogue
  • Undead Warlock
  • Undead Mage

Alliance Accounts Available for Classic WoW on Gold4Vanilla

  • Human Paladin
  • Human Warrior
  • Human Rogue
  • Human Priest
  • Human Mage
  • Human Warlock
  • Night Elf Warrior
  • Night Elf Hunter
  • Night Elf Druid
  • Night Elf Rogue
  • Night Elf Priest
  • Dwarf Warrior
  • Dwarf Paladin
  • Dwarf Rogue
  • Dwarf Priest
  • Dwarf Hunter
  • Gnome Warrior
  • Gnome Warlock
  • Gnome Mage
  • Gnome Rogue

The pricing might be a little bit higher than the pricing used previously for the private servers like Kronos, Light’s Hope, Nostalrius and Elysium, but Blizzard’s Classic is hot and there is a subscription cost included. If you fancy social networks, just check the Classic WoW Powerleveling page on Facebook, Vanilla WoW Boosts on Twitter, World of Warcraft: Classic Services on Pinterest and the gallery on Tumblr.


Retail Vanilla Classic Annoucement and Light’s Hope

Blizzard recently announced their upcoming re-release of the Classic World of Warcraft version. This was surprising news to hear but long time awaited as well. However, it remains unknown when this will happen because they have to re-implement the oldest game version into their current battlenet system. Some players are also vouching for Talent tree changes – something like Paladin taunt in the protection tree, mainly because most of the talents tree were completely useless then. There was no DPS raid spec for Druids, Shamans, Priests, Paladins. Warriors were supposed to be the tanks. Rogues, Hunters, Mages and Warlocks were supposed to be the DPS and the rest of the classes mentioned Healers. We remain open to all posibilities though, and we are eagerly waiting for more news from Blizzard.

On the other side, the “not-so-final” disaster happened on the Elysium Vanilla WoW project just a month ago, on 16th October 2017. The main project owners, Crogge and Shenna were accused of account and gold selling drama, so one of the admins called Whitekidney “stole” the database and re-released the project under a new name called Light’s Hope.

light's hope lightbringer logoSome consider it to be a true renegade project, as it remains unknown if the generated gold and accounts were really deleted as the new project owners claim. To combat this, the Elysium project released a new, fresh realm called Nighthaven. Surprisingly, it gained a lot of traction and the populations peaks up to 4000 players during the weekend days which might increased even further.

Light’s Hope, in order to distinguish the Elysium realm from the previous “father” project, renamed the realm into Lightbringer.

We are more than eager to see how both projects develop further. There has been announcement that TBC version is in development by the Elysium Project, and more players have been popping into the Kronos realms, we guess the reason being the retail Classic WoW annoucement.